What is Computer Virus and how to catch it ? What are the malware virus types ?

Ø  Virus is a malicious software program written intentionally to enter a computer without user’s permission. It has the ability to replicate itself.
Ø  Computer virus is a computer program that can replicate itself.
Ø  It spread from one system to another system. Depends on nature of virus it may cause damage of your hard disk contents.
Ø  Most of the viruses are targeted only on Microsoft operating system.
Ø  With use of internet virus will spread easily.
Ø  Almost 30,000 viruses are exists in the world(Estimated).
Ø  300 viruses are finds in every month.
Ø  C,C++,Cobol, pascal , wba, unix and java script languages are used for creating the virus.
Ø  87% virus comes through internet only .

Symptoms of virus:
The following all are the symptoms when your system has virus:
1. Computer runs slower.
2. Computer no longer boots up.
3. Computer screen sometimes flicker.
4. Computer crashes without any reason.
5. Computer files disappear.
6. Annoying messages appear.
7. Reduce your system memory.
8. Modification of data.
9. Files damaged.
10. Hard drive  erased.

Ways to catch a computer virus:
From Floppy Disks: Virus attaches from floppy disks also, be careful to put floppy disk from one computer to another computer.
From the Internet: Most of the virus attaches from internet only. Virus wont attach when you browsing internet. If you download and install anything then only virus will attach.
From Email: From email  you send and receive messages  not a problem . If you send emails through attachments and .exe files then virus will attach.
From a computer network: If  Group of computer network linked to your computer for sharing information then your system has a possibility to attach virus.

Safe computing practices:
ü  Use Anti -virus software whichever is good in the market.
ü  Scan your computer on a regular basis.
ü  Update your antivirus software on regular basis.
ü  You have to take back up once in a month.
ü  You should scan the downloaded files.
ü  You have to scan all email attachments.
ü  Beware of email attachments from unknown sources end in .vbs or.js
ü  Run only necessary software s in your system.

Types of Malware:
Malware simply means malicious software. It can be remove by using malware tools or anti malware.
The following are the malware virus types:
1.Trojan horse

It is self replicating.
It utilizes a computer network to send replicas of itself to connecting computer on that network.
Create a volume and it poses a great threat to large computer networks.
Remove by using malware removed tools.
Trojan horse:
It is a form of compute malware that can be installed on a computer system.
It is a form of free useful software to the user.
If once installed in your system, it gives access to hackers through remote station.
Remove this either manually or antivirus.
It is a form of malware program installed secretly on a computer that collects and sends information about its usage and personal data to the developer.
Remove this by using antivirus.
This is advertisement supported software.
It is designed to display advertisements on computer system.
This is specially for crime on the internet.
The main aim is to steal financial and confidential information such as credit card details and soon.
This is created to monitor user keystrokes and the information are logged and reported to the person are used by organizations to monitor workers or employees activities.
This is a form of malware that changes the browser setting of user’s computer and redirected to the developers choice or redirected to for paid advertising.
With this your computer will be slow and your browser will crash.


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