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Cloud computing :
            Cloud computing  has become the new buzz word driven largely by marketing and service offerings from big corporate players like Google, IBM and Amazon. Cloud computing is the next stage in evolution of the Internet
Cloud computing is where entire businesses and thousands of employees will run their computer tools as online rented products. All of the processing work and file saving will be done "in the cloud" of the Internet, and the users will plug into that cloud every day to do their computer work.
cloud computing  à  means accessing the database resources via internet.

Examples of Cloud Computing Services:
            Web-based email services like Gmail and Hotmail deliver a cloud computing service: users can access their email "in the cloud" from any computer with a browser and Internet connection, regardless of what kind of hardware is on that particular computer. The emails are hosted on Google's and Microsoft's servers, rather than being stored locally on the client computer.
Types of cloud computing:
There are three types of cloud computing
1.Public Cloud
2.Private Cloud
3.Hybrid Cloud
4.Community Cloud
Public cloud:
In public cloud system ,A third party data center provide both disk space and computing power for all the application software. Google apps and Amazon web and IBM is the  most popular public cloud computing service providers.
Hybrid Cloud:
Hybrid Cloud means either two separate clouds joined together(Public,Private) or a combination of virtualized cloud server instances used together with real physical hardware.
           The most correct definition of the term “Hybrid Cloud” is probably the use of physical hardware and virtualized cloud server instances together  to provide a single common service. Two clouds that have been joined together are more correctly called a “combined cloud”.
Community Cloud:
 If several organizations have similar requirements and seek to share infrastructure to realize of cloud computing, then a community cloud can be established. This is a more expensive option as compared to public cloud as the costs are spread over fewer users as compared to a public cloud. However, this option may offer a higher level of privacy, security and/or policy compliance.
Private cloud- Private cloudis different from public cloud, Here we need to set up our own data center and also bear all the installation & maintenance cost, and at the same time we have complete control of all our data. when compared to Public cloud this system provides more security and privacy, but it is more expensive cloud solution to public cloud.

Benefits  Of Cloud Computing :

1.       1.Easy to maintain as they don’t have to be installed on each user’s computer.
2.       By using cloud computing we can store large amount of data from anywhere without worrying about their maintanence.
3.       3.Allows the enterprise to focus on its core business.
4.       Thousands of virtual machines and applications can be managed more easily using a cloud-like environment.
5.       5.Location independence, so long as there is access to the Internet.
6.       6.Increased competitive advantage.
7.       7.Increased security at a much lesser cost.


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