Silverlight Important Interview Questions with Answers in dotnet for 1 Year Experience

What is Silverlight?

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of Microsoft .NET–based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

Is Silverlight the official name for "WPF/E"?

Yes. Silverlight was formerly code-named "WPF/E."

What is Silverlight Tool Kit?

Silverlight Tool kit is nothing but is a collection of Silverlight Tools, Components etc. It includes source code describing the all you need to develop an application. 

Editors Supported in Silverlight ? 

1.Visual Studio
2.Visual Web Developer
3.Expression Blend 

What are the Features of Silverlight ?
Features Of SilverLight Click here

Does silverlight web application work with all browsers ?

Yes, A web application developed by silverlight technology can work with any browser

What is XAML in Silverlight ?

 Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML, pronounced zammel) is a declarative XML-based language created by Microsoft which is used to initialize structured values and objects.

Is Silverlight free of Charge?

Yes, Microsoft has made the Silverlight browser plug-in freely available for all supported platforms and browsers.

Difference between WPF and Silverlight  ?

 WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation) use for the Desktop Application and SilverLight is use for
Web Applications (Rich Internet Applcaions).
In terms of features and functionality, Silver light is a sub set of Windows Presentation Foundation.
Silver light is for developing rich internet applications. While WPF is used for developing enhanced graphics applications for desktop platform.
WPF uses XAML for hosting the user interface for web applications. 

What kind of Audio and Video formats are supported in  Silverlight ?

Silverlight Supports
VC-1, and
MP3 Audio .

Can I consume WCF and ASP.NET Web Services in Silverlight? 
What are the main components of Silverlight application?

Following are the main component of Silverlight application.
a)Input – It handles input from devices like keyboard, mouse etc.
b)UI core –It manages rendering of bitmap images, vector graphics, text and animations.
c)Media – It handles the playback of MP3, WMA Standard, WMV7, WMV8 streams.
d)XAML – This manages UI layout to be created by XAML markup language

Layout Manager controls in Silverlight ?

                  5.You can always create your own

 How to set Silverlight contents width as 100%?

Generally you can't set the UserControl width in % like 100% so that the Silverlight contents can spread in the full screen. 
To get the 100% width of the screen you can set width="auto" and height="auto".


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