duplex contract in WCF

What are different bindings supported by WCF?

a. BasicHttpBinding
b. WSHttpBinding
c. WSDualHttpBinding
d. WSFederationHttpBinding
e. NetTcpBinding
f. NetNamedPipeBinding
g. NetMsmqBinding
h. NetPeerTcpBinding
i. MsmqIntegrationBinding

What is duplex contract in WCF?

Duplex contract: It enables clients and servers to communicate with each other. The calls can be initiated independently of the other one. The duplex contract is one the message patterns available to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services. It comprises of two one-way contracts.

Different transaction isolation levels in WCF

  • Read Uncommitted: - Also known as Dirty isolation level. It makes sure that corrupt Data cannot be read. This is the lowest isolation level
  • Read Committed: - It ensures not to read the data that has been changed by any other application and is not yet committed. It is the default level.
  • Repeatable Read: - It stops the usage of dirt read and non-repeatable read. It states that data fetched through a query will be locked and will not be updated by any other transaction.
  • Serializable: - It does not allow any modification and addition of new data till the transaction is completed. This is considered to be a very restrictive level.
  • Snapshot: - It raises error on modifying a data that has already been changed by any transaction.


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