Advantages and Disadvantages of Session ?

Following are the basic advantages and disadvantages of using session. I have describe in details with each type of session at later point of time. 
Advantages :  
  • It helps to maintain user states and data to all over the application.
  • It can easily be implemented and we can store any kind of object. 
  • Stores every client data separately. 
  • Session is secure and transparent from user.
Disadvantages :  
  • Performance overhead in case of large volume of user, because of session data stored in server memory.
  • Overhead involved in serializing and De-Serializing session Data. because In case of StateServer andSQLServer session mode we need to serialize the object before store. 
Besides these, there are many advantages and disadvantages of session that are based of session Types. I have Discussed all of them.  


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