spectra soft Interview questions ?

spectra soft  Interview questions :

1.Silverlight application how can you consume in asp.net ?
2.what is mean by stack panel?
3.where you can change startup object in silverlight application ?
4.How can you upload silverlight application in IIS ?
5.what are the mechanism to use consume silverlight application in asp.net ?
6.what is difference between asp.net controls and silverlight controls ?
7.how can you databind with data grid control in silver light application ?
8.what are the differnce between stored procedure and functions ?
9.how you can control traffic in data base ?
10.Write the query to find third highest salary in emp table ?
11.what are the diff between ADO.net and Linq ?
12.Create controls in dynamiclly ?
13.what is mean by wcf where we can use ?
14.what is the differnce between MVC web apps and ASP.net web apps ?


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