When should we use Custom Session Mode ?

we can use custom session mode in following of the cases,
  • We want to store session data rather than SQL Server.
  • When we have to use some Existing table to store session data.
  • When we need to create our own session ID.
We need to configure our web.config like below,
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Advantages :
  • We can use some existing Table for the store session data, It is useful when we have to use some old database rather than SQL Server.
  • It's not depending on IIS , So Restarting web server does not make any effects on session data.
  • We can crate our own algorithm for generating Session ID.
Disadvantages :
  • Processing of Data is very slow.
  • Creating a custom state provider is a low-level task that needs to be handled carefully to ensure security.
Its always recommended to use any third party provider rather than creating your own. 
Ref and More Information : Custom Mode  


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