What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS ?

Difference between DBMS and RDBMS:


 Data Base Management System is a process of managing data for efficient retrivel & storage of data.
        Ex: sysbase , Foxpro

1)In dbms no relationship concept
2)It supports Single User only
3)It treats Data as Files internally
4)It supports 3 rules of E.F.CODD out off 12 rules
5)It requires low Software and Hardware Requirements.
6)FoxPro, IMS are Examples


 The database which is used by relations(tables) to acquire information retrival are known as RDBMS

1)It is used to establish the relationship concept between
two database objects, i.e, tables
2)It supports multiple users
3)It treats data as Tables internally
4)It supports minimum 6 rules of E.F.CODD
5)It requires High software and hardware requirements.
6)SQL-Server, Oracle are examples

RDBMS is the specific type, which follows the concepts of  set theory i.e entity etc. In DBMS there is no concept of  PRIMARY KEY and FOREIGN KEY but it is included in RDBMS.

DBMS contains only flat data whereas in RDBMS there will be  some relation between the entities.


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