ASP.Net Frequently asked interview questions

ASP.Net Frequently asked interview questions :
How can files be uploaded to Web pages in ASP.NET?
This can be done by using the HtmlInputFile class to declare an instance of an  
<input type="file" runat="server"/> tag. 
Then, a byte[] can be declared to read in the data from the input file. This can then be sent to the server.
How do I create an ASPX page that periodically refreshes itself?
The following META tag can be used as a trigger to automatically refresh the page every n seconds:
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="nn">

How do I initialize a TextBox whose TextMode is "password", with a password?
The TextBox’s Text property cannot be used to assign a value to a password field. Instead, its Value field can be used for that purpose.
<asp:TextBox Value="imbatman" TextMode="Password"ID="Password" RunAt="server" />
When was ASP.NET released?
ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework which was released as a software platform in 2002.

Explain Namespace.
Namespaces are logical groupings of names used within a program. There may be multiple namespaces in a single application code, grouped based on the identifiers’ use. The name of any given identifier must appear only once in its namespace.

What is Authentication in ASP.NET?

Authentication is the process of verifying user’s details and find if the user is a valid user to the system or not. This process of authentication is needed to provide authority to the user. ASP.NET implements authentication through authentication providers. Each provider has OnAuthenticate event. It allows building a custom authorization scheme.

What is Authorization in ASP.NET?

Authorization is a process that takes place based on the authentication of the user. Once authenticated, based on user’s credentials, it is determined what rights des a user have. In ASP.NET, there are two ways to authorize access to a given resource:
a. File authorization
b. URL authorization


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