When Should we use InProc Session Mode ?

InProc is the default session mode. It can be very helpful for a small web sites and where the number ofuser are very less, We should avoid InProc in case of Web Garden (I will come to this topic in details) Scenario .
Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages :
  • It store Session data in memory object of current application domain. So  accessing data is very fast and data is easily available.
  • There is not requirements of serialization to store data in InProc Session Mode.
  • Implementation is very easy, just similar to using View State.
Disadvantages :  
although InProc Session is fastest, common and default mechanism, It has lots of limitation.
  • If the worker Process or application domain recycles all session data will be lost.
  • Though its fastest, but more session data and more users can affects performance, because of memory.
  • we can't use it in web Garden scenarios .
  • This session mode is not suitable for web farm scenarios also.
So as per above discussion, we can conclude InProc is very fast session storing mechanism but suitable for small web application. InProc Session Data will get lost if we Restart the server, application domain recycles It is also not suitable for Web Farm and Web Garden Scenarios.
Now have a look that what are the other option  available to overcome these problem. First Come to StateServer Mode


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